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SmartAlert Android app

The SmartAlert application for Android  is a user friendly interface for sending SMS commands to remote devices, such as house alarms, GSM actuators, etc. and for receiving and logging the event alerts.

The application is fully configurable, you can add an unlimited number of devices and set for each of them an Alias ( for instance: "Home alarm" ), a Phone number ( complete with international prefix ) and an optional Password.

Click the button with red pencil for entering in the "Device list" and the "Add New" button for configuring a new device.

When you have done all the work, click the "Save" button otherwise all modifications will be lost.

Moreover, you can define a set of SMS commands: each command is composed by an Alias ( for instance: "Activate alarm" ) and a Command code representing the SMS text to be sent to the selected device. The password associated to the device is used to prefix of the command code for a secure access.

Click the "Command" button on the main page for entering in the "Custom Command list" and the "Add New" button for configuring a new command.

When you have done all the work, click the "Save" button otherwise all modifications will be lost.

For sending an SMS with a specific command to the selected device you have to enter in the Command menù and click the green arrow on the left or keep pressed the command button for more than one second.    Anyway you have to confirm the SMS dispatch to avoid unwanted actions.

It is possible to set up to 5 input alarms with specific settings for each device:
when the phone receives an SMS from a configured device and the message text includes the Alarm code, it highlights a red led related to the alarm number on the app's interface and it adds a notification on the status bar.

You may also enter in the Settings and configure the phone for additional signalings:

- chassis vibration
- text to speech of the alarm message
- playing of a custom audio file, such as a recorded "alarm siren" sound

The configuration may be different for each supported device, so you need to select the device before opening the Settings panel.

For stopping the audio you have just to tap the red led.
The alert logs for each device are kept in system memory and you can have a report of all the occurred events, even if you shut down and restart the phone.


- Garage door or gate barrier opener
- Vending machines
- Security systems
- Fire and smoke alarming
- Lights control
- Home automation
- Heating control
- Greenhouse controls

or simply for audio reading the SMS text messages  [activate the "Generic speech enabled" option in the Settings] or for playing an emergency alert sent by another phone number

This app is compatible with the:

Infinite ARC-10

ARC-10 is a top quality, easy to use GSM controller for alarming and remote control using SMS. The rail mount unit incorporates a Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) GSM/GPRS modem, two digital inputs, two power relay outputs and a serial RS-232 port. Up to five hundred users can be configured to switch a relay output with a toll-free phone call (e.g. for opening the garage door or a parking barrier). Ten users can be configured as alarm recipients. All SMS functionality remains intact during GPRS operation. This means one can use the unit as a wireless modem to communicate with a remote serial device e.g. a traffic light controller or a vending machine and simultaneously benefit from the SMS alarming and remote control functionality.


  • 2 digital inputs.
  • 2 power relay outputs.
  • One output can be configured to switch with a toll-free phone call.
  • Simple SMS commands for both configuration & control.
  • SMS commands can be passed through the local serial port for testing and commissioning.
  • Flexible user administration.

Simple setup and operation

All setup and control can be done using a mobile phone. Simple ASCII configuration commands are used for unit setup and control. Several commands can be packed in one SMS. The RS-232 interface can be used to alternatively setup and test the unit using a PC or an ASCII terminal.The rich command set features commands for configuring input alarm parameters, defining users and controlling system outputs with time related parameters.

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